The Seven Sagas of Silverbeard

This 44 page oversized comic book contains TWO amazing adventures of the Gorilla Gladiator.

The first, HELL-BOUND is set during a period of seafaring, high adventure for Silverbeard who has been relentlessly pursuing the World Tree – the only route back to the celestial city of Ash-Halla, home of the Gods who betrayed him.  By partnering with the Pirate Brotherhood, Silverbeard is finally set to locate and reach the Tree. With revenge in his grasp, why does the Simian Sailor then suddenly break his agreement and sail away from the expedition? Where could he be heading? The buccaneers send a shadowy figure from Silverbeard’s past, the roguish jaguar assassin Obsidior, with an ultimatum – return or die!

Preview pages of HELL-BOUND, script & art by Pete Taylor
Preview pages of HELL-BOUND, script & art by Pete Taylor

“Simian Swashbuckling at its finest! The sense of adventure is vast and stakes are dire. Just as the gods of comics intended.” – Andrew MacLean, Headlopper, ApocalyptiGirl

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In the second story titled THE TWO-HEADED SERPENT, a younger, lawless Silverbeard has used his great strength and dexterity to carve out a successful career as a burglar and thief in the city of Aach-Garwarn, a dreadful hive of wickedness. It’s rich pickings but there’s no honour among thieves and Silverbeard has to fight to get paid what was agreed…


“Silverbeard is a delicious Silver-Age comics homage seasoned with herbs ground from the essence of Robert E. Howard and then slathered in a rich and viscous sauce that only those who crave high adventure are willing to taste. Cut a piece and indulge.” – Justin Stewart, Tank Girl, Grrl Scouts, Howard the Human

All packaged into 44 pages of glorious full colour comic book gorilla goodness in an oversized comic magazine format (8.3″ W x 11″H or 210 mm W x 287 mm H)

Bigger, bolder and better than the average US sized comic book!
Bigger, bolder and better than the average US sized comic book!

“Spectacular. Phenomenal. Mind-blowing. Those are terms some people may use to describe Silverbeard. I will simply say, this book has a bad ass gorilla barbarian in it! If you don’t immediately want to read this comic, something is probably wrong with you. ALL HAIL SILVERBEARD!”

Vince Hunt, Awesome Comics Podcast, The Red Mask of Mars

The comic contains:

  • 26 pages of pulse pounding comic book action!
  • 9 page gallery section with pin-ups by professional comic book legends and fan favourite indie artists
  • 7 pages of features exploring the seven lifetimes of Silverbeard, his history and fan remembrances
  •  Front and back covers, good enough to frame!

“The Seven Sagas of Silverbeard is just the kind of small press comic we love! It’s packed full of inventive story telling, crazy concepts and some truly incredible art! Plus, who doesn’t want to read a book about pirate gorillas and demonic jaguars?! This looks set to be a future classic!”

Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

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