Here at Catfood Comics we’re expanding our range of books and to celebrate we’ve produced a FREE commentary for the first issue of Silverbeard.

Download: FREE Silverbeard #1 Commentary

Designed to be listened to while looking through your copy, it’s presented in the style of those old Read Along Story books complete with a sound effect that tells you when to turn the page. 

Full of trivia, insights and things you might have missed, it also contains a few hints of what’s in store for the Ape Eternal in future issues.


New Catfood Comics Titles
Our next wave of books is currently available on Kickstarter.

​​A Trio of Titanic Titles in One Bag!

A Savage Simian Sketchbook, Catfood Character Compendium & 20 page Fantasy Epic packaged in an archive safe bag with a retro card topper.

Rewards include sketches, stickers and an EXCLUSIVE Silverbeard baseball cap. We’re already funded and close to unlocking our first stretch goal, the Catfood Commando Card!

The Seven Sagas of Silverbeard #2

Oh and production is well underway on Silverbeard #2! Due to be launched in the Autumn.