The Tentacled Titan

Character profile & publishing history of Squid Eye Guy

1930s & 40s

Although a story entitled ‘The Sorrowful Saga of The Squid-Eye Guy’ appeared in the 1936 pulp magazine ‘Weird Fishing Tales’ the character it introduced was a more tragic monstrous version of the character later re-imagined and re-introduced to the comic book readers of the 40s. 

The man known only as Morgan was a dock worker in Copperopolis in 1936 when he was kidnapped by Leviaroth cultists and transformed into the Baleful Behemoth known as Squid Eye Guy. 

With Great Power comes Gross disfigurement 

During the ceremony the Priestess of the cult bonded Morgan with an ancient undersea Nether God who sought to conquer the world. This gave Squid Eye immense strength, impressive resilience, prehensile tentacles and an ‘Abysmal Glare’, a mysterious, often undefined power. These abilities came with the cost of a constant personal struggle against the corruption of his mind and soul.

Squid Eye’s soul was shattered in the ceremony causing parts of his soul to be transferred to the nether god and vice versa. Morgan was a pretty despicable individual, strong arming, leg breaking and running vice in the docks, this gave the nether god strength. Later in his career, Morgan discovers that by actively becoming ‘good’ or performing good deeds he can gain power over his parasitic ‘lodger’.

1940s & 50s

The Baleful Behemoth spent many years battling Leviaroth, the Nether god’s cult and other eldritch threats that sought to conquer the world. In the 1950s, associate Madame Squid Eye took over the fight after Morgan bested the demonic deity dwelling in his head by stabbing himself in the eye with an enchanted ice pick, briefly becoming the detective-for-hire ‘Squid Guy, Private Eye’. But the elder god returned and Squid Eye spent the next decade fighting its dread influence. A new ally in the form of Doc Squid Eye joins the fight with his newly invented Ecto-Tech.


The 60s brought initial confusion to the Cephalopodic Savage and his exploits. The publisher insisted the title follow the early 60s trend of James Bond style adventures by restyling him as ‘Squid Eye, Spy Guy’ before jumping on the revitalised Super Hero genre and making him the leader of ‘Squid Inc’, a team which included old stalwarts Madame Squid Eye and Doc Squid Eye (now renamed Madame & Doc) and which introduced Squid Kid to an unprepared and unimpressed audience.

1970 & 80s

It took a new generation of young writers entering the business to return Squid Eye to his earlier greatness. Remembering the darker stories from their youth they got rid of the gimmicks and co-stars and restored the Tentacled Titan to his roots in tales of terror particularly exploring the psychological conflict between Morgan and the ages-old alien consciousness that was forced into his head. This golden period ended with the classic ‘Squid Eye Dies!’ arc where Squid Eye finally faces his demonic foe, eye to eye.

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